• Vaibhav Parve

    Vaibhav Parve

    Java Backend Developer | Microservices | openLiberty| Java 11 | Docker | Kubernetes

  • Vinod Ingale

    Vinod Ingale

    Assistant Professor

  • Raffaella Ferretti

    Raffaella Ferretti

    Life always surprises me when I look for direction and measure. Writing poems and stories, Editing respectfully, and Teaching children. In the holistic sphere.

  • Roshan Kotkondawar

    Roshan Kotkondawar

    Research Scholar, DBATU, Lonere- Raigad

  • Prajakta Sumbe

    Prajakta Sumbe

  • Noman Aslam

    Noman Aslam

    Chemical Engineer

  • Catherine Berg

    Catherine Berg

    Writer & mental health worker living in the Hudson Valley. At work on a novel about an older woman whose mech aide may hold the key to her long lost love.

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